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Strategies To Help You Find The Best Junk Removal Service

Every contractor or subcontractor is likely to accumulate a significant amount of debris by the end of any construction project. As stated before, it is essential to leave waste removal in the hands of professionals, even if you believe that you’re capable of getting rid of everything on your own.

A professional junk removal service is going to do the job thoroughly while saving you both money and time. If you’re unsure of the best things to look for, following are a few tips for finding the best hauling and waste removal service in your area:

Look For A Business That’s Committed To Offering Superior Customer Service And Support

Have you heard good things about a specific company, like Big Phils junk removal Maple Ridge? Reviews are incredibly easy to find these days, and thus, you want to check these out before making any hiring decisions. You can then start whittling your options down according to the overall reputation and goodwill of the waste removal companies you’re considering. At best, you’ll hire a top-rated junk removal company that has plenty of positive reviews and an excellent reputation.

The Cost

Pricing is another factor that you’ll need to take into account. Even though it isn’t always ideal to choose the service with the absolute lowest prices, it is essential to find an affordable one. If you locate a reputable junk removal service that costs a bit more than the rest, you will need to verify that you’re going to get good value. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a waste removal service simply because it has the absolute cheapest rates as the services you ultimately receive could be substandard. Keep in mind that you will invariably get what you pay for.

Choose A Service With Green Waste Removal Process

Construction debris currently accounts for approximately one-third of all landfill waste. To limit your contributions to these fast-increasing landfills, look for a waste removal company that regularly uses green processes. Many of these entities will both dispose of waste and recycle as many materials as they can. This will limit the need to drive to a secondary recycling facility to drop reusable or recyclable waste of given that your provider will be able to do this for you.

A Commitment To Professionalism

When searching for a waste removal service, be sure to check their levels of overall professionalism and experience. Look for a company that is bonded and properly insured. Working with an insured junk removal company is going to give you greater peace of mind. Is the service in possession of the right waste removal equipment? These and many other factors must be taken into consideration before your decision is made. Your provider should have an ample amount of industry experience. This professional will be able to do a great job and within a relatively nominal amount of time.


Regardless of how small or large your project may be, you should learn more about the scope of work that junk removal services can complete. With a more expansive range of services being offered, you can know that if an unexpected issue arises, your chosen provider will be able to take care of it. To get the best value for what you spend, make sure that your waste removal service can handle all aspects of debris handling. This should include renovation and remodeling waste, debris removal for new construction, the disposal of concrete, roofing tear-down materials, walls, flooring, and more.

Are you planning a project that will require professional waste removal solutions? If so, get in touch with Junk King right now. We encapsulate every one of the values mentioned above, and we’re committed to giving each one of our client’s superior service. Our highly trained team is fully insured, and this means that you can count on us to get rid of all your unwanted rubbish in a safe, courteous, and truly professional manner. For additional information, call our office today.

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Tips To Hire The Right Junk Removal Company

It’s not very straightforward to discern or differentiate a junk removal company from another. Junk removal is a service that people rarely use, which leaves little scope for the service providers to become a household name or get etched into the minds of their clients. People recognize and identify brands such as Amazon and Google because they interact with or use them regularly.

We are therefore chipping in and trying to offer some assistance as far as choosing the correct service provider is concerned. Because besides the mystery surrounding the service, the industry is replete with sub-standard service providers or scammers who do not represent the business or industry.

Customer Service

Most people judge a company based on the initial interaction they have with them. For instance, if the customer service department doesn’t respond appropriately, it may indicate the kind of service you can expect. Intuitions apart, you must also look into the importance they give to your query or issue.

  • Are there multiple ways through which you can contact them?
  • Is their official website informative and regularly updated?
  • Do they try accommodating your availability schedule?

All these aspects could indicate whether a firm truly cares about providing the best service to its patrons and how likely it will be to professionally manage your junk removal assignment.


Removing a piece of furniture or a few boxes is not the same as demolishing a pool or creating an access path to a location in the woods to finish the junk removal task. While your job may not entail such hardships or complexities, it’s still worthwhile checking the range of situations the firm can execute. When a company has a broader service range, it would be a lot more adept at finishing the task at hand smoothly and also be able to take care of unforeseen incidents that may occur.


Junk companies cannot function without trucks. Check to find out the kind and number of trucks your prospective service provider uses. This shall help you ascertain if the company is right for your project and the number of trips they would need to finish the work, which would influence project cost.


There is no free lunch. The quality of service you get is directly proportional to the money you spend. While you must always be wary of not paying too much, you should also view dirt-cheap services with a doubtful eye since you are most likely being charged less for nefarious reasons. If you can measure the amount of your junk (in cubic yardage), getting estimates from companies and comparing them should become easy.

If a service provider is not willing to provide you an estimate, look for other service providers. While project costs get finalized in person always, a company not giving you an estimate based on your hoard is something the industry doesn’t relate with. Moreover, be wary of companies trying to charge you for variables, such as manpower or time, which aren’t in your control.


Although these trucks haul tons of junk, they should be neat and rust-free. If you could get to see pictures of a company’s trucks online, you can ascertain how good a company is at taking care of its equipment, which should also indicate how well they run their operations.

And besides maintaining the trucks on their own, several reputable companies clean up the job location after they have completely removed the junk from there. It’s a solid practice and speaks volumes about the professionalism of a company.

Insurance Protection

Working a company that isn’t insured can be hazardous. This lack of insurance shouldn’t hurt when things go as per plan. But it shall haunt you even if there are minor errors. Make sure the junk removal firm you hire carries necessary insurance so that a wrong move during the job doesn’t put you in a state of despair.

Recycling Policy

Contrary to most people’s wishful thinking, the waste that leaves your space is not completely gone. It would still need some treatment. Therefore, check your prospective junk removal firm‘s recycling practices. Many firms coordinate with scrappers, donation centers, and recycling setups so that every piece salvageable doesn’t end up in the landfill. If there is no recycling, it means your junk has only shifted places, which is not suitable for the environment.

Past Jobs

Check if the service provider under consideration has past jobs documented on its site or elsewhere – before and after images, case studies, blog posts, etc. This should give you a proper insight into the process the company resorts to for specific projects.

Testimonials must also be there to see on the company’s website or any other place online. These are the online equivalent of word-of-mouth recommendations. If you do not come across any of these things, you must reconsider your decision to hire the firm.

Social and Industrial Authority

These two aspects apply to most industries, particularly the junk removal sector. Check to see how active the service provider is on social media and the impact it creates there. Expired or inactive social media business accounts indicate the business isn’t the most up-to-date or not the most sought after in the industry.


Lastly, ascertain the kinds of groups or associations the firm is a part of. If they belong to Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce or Yellow Pages groups, then that speaks greatly about their credibility. However, do not stop there. Check for the company’s scores on these websites so that you could determine how good they are doing according to the community.


Hopefully, this guide eliminates some of the mystery and confusion you may have about selecting a junk removal service provider and offers you all the necessary information so that you could get your job done professionally and easily. If you have doubts, always put them to your prospective junk removal company and/or go through this guide again. And if there are questions you have that this guide doesn’t address, contact us. All the best with clearing your junk and making your space sane again.